The Coveted Business Class Upgrade - Soon to be a thing of the Past?

The Coveted Business Class Upgrade - Soon to be a thing of the Past?

It used to be that if you were interested in racking up enough frequent flyer miles for business class upgrade, that it was pretty uncomplicated. You'd make sure that you always flew on an airline that was affiliated to your credit card, and pretty soon you would have enough miles to make a go of it - free tickets, even an upgrade to first class if you were lucky.

The summer travel season is upon us, and things are beginning to look distinctly different already. If a business class upgrade is on your mind on, say, flights to Asia, then you should probably be prepared to understand the airlines' new position, communicated to you via about 10 inches of single-spaced fine print; and be prepared to work out percentages and complicated formulas. For instance, frequent flyer miles don't always pay for the whole trip these days - they usually expect that you pay an additional fee. It doesn't end there; whether you get to upgrade or not, depends on what kind of seats you buy. There are certain kinds of coach seats you must have the privilege of holding to be eligible for an upgrade. Not all seats make the cut in eligibility for an upgrade. Typically, Delta Air Lines is the most hard fisted, while American and Continental-United can be somewhat more reasonable. It may seem tempting to believe that all frequent flyer plans are more or less the same, give or take. They really are not, even in a very competitive market.

It is a kind of trick the airlines play on you. When you go buy your coach seat, they make it look pretty much like any seat would be eligible for a business class upgrade. In reality, it all depends on what fare base you buy that coach seat on - and these can be bewilderingly complex - they have a dozen kinds of fares on any given flight, on any given class of travel. And airlines have every reason to keep the truth from you in the way they package everything. If you don't dig too deep, it will make your seat look more attractive than it really is.

There are other significant pieces of information airlines keep under their hats too - for instance, not all the business class seats on a flight are open to upgrades. Only a few are. And they have a complex policy of what frequent-flier options and programs to make available to you, depending on what part of the country you live in, and what airlines you have, serving your market. If you choose Delta, the stingiest airline, they'll ask you to buy the most expensive coach seats if you want a business class upgrade. American will let you upgrade even if you do have the cheapest coach seat.

Airlines have been cutting down on the number of seats available for years now. That, in combination with the way the economy has been improving, gives the airlines more leverage in how they will make you pay, or cut back rewards. Still, American and Continental on the whole are more rewarding airlines to travel on, if you're looking for specials like a business class upgrade. For instance, when I tried to pull that upgrade on Delta, they demanded that I do it both legs of the trip. On American though, they'll let you do it on only one. But anyway you look at it, the rewards on airlines are on their way down, and prices are on their way up. Don't be surprised if pretty soon, the whole concept of the business class upgrade begins to evaporate

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TopFinancial review

Let us see TopFinancial keeps its promises. In any case, the least we can say is that a lot of noise lately. We could even talk program "hot". TopFinancial ad on their site there since 1996, which can be verified by a quick WHOIS. The legal entity is behind TopFinancial Hessel Trading, Inc. which is registered in Seychelles. The first thing we see when we arrive on the homepage is the SSL certificate (https ://), which is pretty good omen. This is confirmed by the presence of the button COMODO authentication, which ensures the site up to 1 million.

The first time we came across this HYIP background was in September 2009 when we were looking for new programs to add to our portfolio HYIP. The design was essentially the same, but it seemed to be a young HYIP. We are deceived TopFinancial existed at least since late 2008 under its current form. Very good point, since we know that the program is reliable long last. His campaign has been increased in late 2009 with his appearance on various forums and monitors and can therefore be assumed that the number of investors in this HYIP is substantial. Because everyone is satisfied, a part of the original question is resolved: in terms of payment, yes TopFinancial keeps its promises.

And then the rest? As we have stated, TopFinancial is fully secured by COMODO, so do not worry for what is DDoS attacks and other connection problems. The design of the homepage is indeed very simple, but at least all the essential information is there. TopFinancial wants functional and very accessible, without having to talk financial annoy us more than anything else. We draw your attention to the little square that shows the interest rates of the day, as is currently fashionable on many HYIPs. The user may also find some brief information about the company, but will be directed primarily towards investment itself.

Let's just investments. TopFinancial plans start at 1.1% per day for a period of 210 days and it will cost the paltry sum of $ 10 to access it. Please note that rates are variable (up to 1.4% per day) for leading soberly named "Level 1". TopFinancial has two more shots, "Level 2" and "Level 3", still on 210 days, respectively, starting at $ 1,000 and $ 10,000 each and related fixed interest rate of 1.8% per day for the first and 2 1% per day for the second. You can get more details and follow the discussions on this forum Hyip.Forumpro, forum HYIP paying. In terms of membership, TopFinancial offers to pay you on three levels, with a nice 6% for the first level.

Login. Like the homepage, we arrive at a member's area clear, sharp and clear: you have before you a perfect summary of the situation. The menu contains the essential links to the smooth conduct of your accounts. Here TopFinancial innovates and introduces the "Advanced Compounding" understand "advanced compound interest." This is the fact that you can choose in advance the number of days you want to use a "compound rate" of 100% on your investment. This can be very useful if you want to let your money work for some time, while maximizing the revenue earned as interest also work. Warning: this choice is irreversible and can not be canceled. If you have the option "compounding normal, editable at will throughout the duration of your investment. Remember finally that banners are available on request for distribution of your referrals links.

Thanks to its ease of use and clarity of options, we can say that TopFinancial complies with its commitment and quality charter. Yes, TopFinancial keeps its promises. Very good HYIP for early this year after all.

HYIP News:

This week Globofunds (read review) has met with difficulties and it was almost impossible to connect. The site reassures investors and we held the fact that they underwent a major DDoS attack. Since their former DDoS protection seemed like a sieve, Globofunds has changed provider portection DDoS and is now protected by Dragonara. This looks as beneficial since the site is fully accessible, and connection problems solved.

AIMTrust (read review) we shared an update about a bug that persisted in their system of "compound". Everything seems set for them too, but if problems persist, AIMTrust urge you to contact them directly by email.

Warisona (read review) has published its trading results for the period January 2010 and according to the figures, it appears they have made good profits. Results are in PDF format, accessible from your member area.

FXStar launches new plan "shock" available at $ 10 and promises of interest rates of 3% daily for 100 days! With such rates of pay, we better understand why the "principal" (the initial investment) is not returned. Also for those who like their promotionner referral links, FXStar now offers new banners, evidence that this substance is HYIP shape and continues to improve its designs already on top.

CSMFinance warned they face problems with their API LibertyReserve, due to an update of LibertyReserve. Suddenly payments can be made for the moment so let's see how CSMFinance will manage this crisis.

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